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Letsdate.ro? What is this place?

The purpose of this site is to join people together quickly and effortlessly. No registration. Only fresh advertisements. Have fun!

How does it work?

The idea is simple – creating an ad and requesting the contact details from the ad creator costs 1.19 EUR each. The reason for this is security and avoiding fake accounts, spam and so on. So the information goes directly from a real person to a real person. Letsdate.ro the best online dating website with the unique service.

Creating an ad – once you add your details you will need to activate it by simple SMS message. After that the ad immediately goes live.

Requesting contacts of the ad creator – send the SMS to the specific code under the ad and you will immediately receive the email which includes the email of the ad creator.

SMS price for ad creation – 1.19 EUR VAT included
SMS price for requesting contact details – 1.19 EUR VAT included

Did not receive an answer with SMS?

You may not have Premium SMS enabled on your phone. This service is free and takes only a few minutes. For activation, contact your operator:


What are the limitations for inserting photos?

Please be aware that your photos meet the following requirements:

– Size between 10KB-5MB
– JPG, PNG, BMP format
– Only you on the photo

Privacy is important.

The email you have set for your ad will not be shared publicly.

Your phone number will only be used for paying to your mobile carrier.

The billing will appear discreetly on your monthly bill.

Did not find the answer? Write us!